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What's up with all these new dogs...?

I am not quite sure what is going on here.. We pick up all these new dogs - go play together at the park - and then drop them back off at where we picked them up from... I mean atleast they aren't coming HOME with us but why do all these dogs need my mom to play with them? Sometimes mom doesn't even let them off leash! Sometimes she makes them learn leash manners AND SOMETIMES she doesn't even let me off-leash and we walk around strange neighbourhoods - which is exhausting because there are so many new scents to smell and pee over! But what really gets me barking is when mom comes home AFTER LEAVING ME smelling like OTHER dogs... Maybe if I sniff her like crazy and give her my saddest face when she does this she won't do it anymore.. I think I will give it a woof!

This nonsense can't go on forever... It must be over soon!

I am staying PAWsitive!

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