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**Price adjustments have been made and will take effect January 2018**

Thank you for your understanding.


**All prices include pick-up, drop-off, and a belly and foot rub after their day of exploring** 

Group Walks (6-10 clients dogs max)
1 hour
$25 /walk
2 hour
$40 each
*additional dog - same household $15

     For group walks these will be at off leash parks with a maximum of 6-10 clients dogs. Your dog will get plenty of healthy, controlled socialization and exercise, and you will get updates on your pups behavior and activities. We also practice on leash walking etiquette as a pack.

Private Walks
15 min - $20/ 30 min - $25/
1 hour - $40/ 2 hour - $60
*additional dog - same household $15-20

     For private walks these can be either on or off leash or a combination of both. While on leash proper leash etiquette will be practiced. This type of walk is recommended for a less social or older dog, or for one who requires a little extra attention or individual play time. All dogs need their exercise and I am willing to work with any and every dog.

Pee 'n' Play
15 min - $20 / 30 min - $25
*additional dog - same household $5

      Our Pee and Play Services are key for when all your pup needs is a quick potty break and a breath of fresh air. For those really cold days, a mid week lazy day, or for when you just can't make it home in time - I am here for you and your pups' potty needs!

Happy Hikes (6 dogs max)
$50 per dog

     Happy Hikes are PupVentures special! These are 3-5 hour adventure hikes out in the Canadian Rockies and are offered almost once a week. Happy Hikes allow your dog to embrace their wild side out in the Alberta wilderness while socializing with 4-pawed pals all at the same time. Water is provided periodically throughout the hike and a group photo is always taken * no guarantees on clarity *. Plenty of water is carried along with bear bells and spray, a first aid kit, extra sweaters, booties, and harnesses. There will be a maximum of 6 dogs on each adventure hike and Rambo will always tag along, and by tag along I mean lead the pack. 

*Weekend and Holiday Services are USUALLY available for an additional cost*

Availability on weekends and holidays is subject to change

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