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Hikes with mom go from PAWTASTIC to just.. Pawsome..

MOM TOOK RUBI HIKING... First they get me this sister.. then mom makes her my new hiking partner? I don't get why she thinks I need one, Rocco still comes hiking with me anyway and Rubi SUCKS at hiking... She barked at all the other hikers which means that I got ZERO pets, and when it rained and snowed she shivered and pouted even while wearing a sweater. Hopefully she gets better and starts to hike more like Rocco and I do.

Aside from Rubi our Happy Hike was oh so happy! Bowser, Eddie, and Sawyer all came along. Bowser is my favorite but he still isn't as tough as me!

During the hike mom stopped and took a bunch of pictures along the hill side, some even without me in them - I am not sure why she would want a picture without me in it.. but anyway she did.

She kept saying "Dogs breathe deep! It is mother natures very own steam bath!" Not really sure what that meant but I did and I got a big whiff of fresh cedar and pine, mmmmhhmmmmmm! It sure smelt great!

We did two hikes that day, but I could tell mom turned around early on the second because some of the dogs were getting slow - but not me of coarse!

I can't wait till mom takes me hiking again!

Rambo and Rubi E=embracing Mother Nature's very own steam bath

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