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Our OWN PupVenture

THANK GOOODDNESSS!!! Mum has been packing for the last week and I have been very moapy and upset about it... But I guess there was no reason to be sad because mum and dad took me along - they even took Rubi, even though she isn't as polite and smart as me ;)

We got to take another reallly long Jeep ride! You know what that means!! ROAD TRIP AND OFF ROADING !!! We crossed the boarder into this place called Idaho.. Not sure what that means because Mum always says Rubi is the hoe.. Anyway new smells were fun, mum picked up some food that smelt a lot like what we eat, and even though I miss Rocco so very much riding back here with me, Rubi kinda reminds me of him. She sprawls out and takes up all the room like him, kicks me like him, and always rests her head up front and looks at Mum like him.. But no one will ever really be like Rocco.

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